Photo by Bethany Michaela Jones

Photo by Bethany Michaela Jones


Makers Megaphone is founded and run by Ashley Berger Heyburn, a small business coach and enthusiastic creative entrepreneur. Ashley is driven to see modern makers have financially successful careers producing the things they love to make. As a small business coach, she works one-on-one with artists, designers, and makers, empowering individuals to identify and break through any roadblocks or patterns of thinking holding them back from experiencing success in their creative ventures. Her ability to listen and understand the unique challenges of creative professionals, helps her clients achieve clarity and focus in their goals and dreams, resulting in awesome, transformative things happening for their small businesses.

Ashley has spent over 15 years working closely with creative individuals in various capacities from promoting major brands such as Dell, Think Film and Coca-cola to crafting compelling campaigns for non-profits such as Pratt Institute and Brooklyn Workforce Innovations. Her experience includes working with independent small-business owners, growth-stage marketing agencies and well-established creative institutions and corporations. She completed an undergraduate degree in Advertising Design-Art Direction, and a Masters in Arts and Cultural Management from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

Throughout her career, she has developed an expertise in the management of creative businesses, and acquired hands-on techniques to empower creative entrepreneurs to see their professional visions come to life. In 2014, Ashley launched Makers Megaphone to meet the need of a growing community of entrepreneurial makers throughout the country who are starting businesses and using their passion and creativity to revitalize their local communities.

Today Ashley lives in Brooklyn, New York helping support and inspire creative small business owners from around the world in her role as Senior Account Manger and Small Business Specialist at Etsy and as the Founder and Coach at Makers Megaphone. She is just getting settled into married life with her new husband in their cozy and plant-filled abode.